Frequently Asked Questions

  • About SVS?

    Share Via SMS (SVS) is the world's first messaging app that provides offline pictures and audio sharing through SMS (standard texting).

  • How does SVS work?

    SVS sends pictures and audio through your GSM network so you will not have to use the internet.

  • Why was SVS created?

    To help people communicate even when the internet is not available

  • Why do I need to set SVS as a default SMS app?

    Android 4.4+ requires SMS apps to be set as default by the users

  • Does SVS have dual-sim support?

    Dual-sim is supported on devices with Android version 5.1 and above.

  • Does SVS let me send and receive MMS?

    MMS support is coming soon!

  • Do I need SVS to see the stickers?

    Stickers will only work if the receiver also has SVS on their phone.

  • Images are not sent?

    Some devices have restrictions to send bulk SMS. We advice you to test an image below 35 SMS.

  • Messages are not received on Huawei devices?

    For devices like Huawei you need to set SVS as protected in your phone. Go to SETTINGS -> PROTECTED APPS

  • How to reach Share Via SMS team?